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Curriculum vitae David Patiño Vilas


  • Nombre y apellidos:David Patiño Vilas
  • Correo electrónico:
  • Teléfono: 986 812 604
  • Departamento: School of Industrial Engineering


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Vigo - 2004
  • MSc Industrial Engineering, University of Vigo - 2006
  • PhD University of Vigo - 2009


I started the BSc Mechanical Engineering studies in 2000/01. During my BSc Thesis (2003/04) I got in touch and started my collaboration with the Energetic Technology Group (GTE). Later I decided to continue my studies of 4th and 5th year to obtain the title of MSc Industrial Engineering in 2006. By that time, I was simultaneously studying and collaborating with the GTE group by means of research contracts (staff). Following this line, I completed the doctoral courses, obtaining the Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (DEA) in 2008 and presenting the PhD thesis entitled "Experimental Analysis of Biomass Combustion in a Fixed Bed Burner" in 2009. This work obtained the Cum Laude degree and in 2010 it was awarded with the extraordinary prize for technological doctorates of the University of Vigo.

As can be seen from my activity, since I was student, I have been linked to this research group (GTE/EM1). The activities carried out have been varied, but they have always focused on the analysis of biomass combustion systems or heat transfer from the experimental point of view. Derived from my MSc and PhD Thesis 5 publications were delivered. In addition, this work has

Served as a source or database for the validation of different models and simulations that also ended in JCR publications (more than 12). The daily activity as well as the elaboration and discussion of these data has moved me closer to the numerical simulation world especially with CFD software.

Mainly thanks to the research merits generated during my doctoral period, in 2010 I achieved a stable position as Contratado Doctor at the University of Vigo. As a result, my teaching and management dedication increased, which made it difficult to maintain scientific production. Fortunately, thanks to the group and the work dynamics acquired in the past, the number of publications has not decreased and I have managed to maintain an acceptable research activity without deviating much from my main subject of interest. In this line, in recent years and through various by-side projects with companies we have continued to build experimental biomass combustion plants, emission reduction systems and other prototypes related with thermal machines that allow us, in my view, to maintain a good technology transfer activity and a suitable scientific dissemination.

The investigation of the last years has opened many international doors to the group. Part of the responsibility in this international projection lays on me and during the last 5 years we have established quite fruitful relationships with prestigious research groups from TU Berlin, TU Graz, TU Ostrava and ECU in Western Australia. All these relationships reinforce our conviction that we are working in an interesting field with a great future projection and we are accomplishing our work in an acceptable manner.

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